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This project is currently a collection of NFT that will be used for our game. This game is a turn based fighting game in which players will fight with bosses (PvE), and with each other (PvP). At the start of the game there will be 5 arenas with 5 bosses, the characteristics of the boss depend on the level of the arena, each next boss is 10 percent stronger than the previous one.

Using your character with weapons or without you will try to defeat your enemy in the battle, and you don’t need to have a lot of resources for CPU in our game. The game based on WAX blockchain.


The collection contains a set of game cards for characters, weapons, ammunition and characteristics enhancers. Each character, like weapons and ammunition cards, has indicators of health, impact power, agility and armor. All cards have a rarity level on which the characteristics depend.

Special characters have extra abilities, such as combo attack and different auras. Also, there are boosts in the game, poisons and stones to increase abilities which you can store in your bag


  • Late Q3 2021 — Characters and weapons sets
  • Middle Q4 2021 — Boost sets
  • Late Q4 2021 — Beta release PvE
  • Middle Q1 2022 — PvP Release
  • Early Q2 2022 — New characters, weapons and boosts


Name of Company: Small Private Enterprise «YUGTEHNIKA»
Address: office 290, bd.72, Krymska Street, ODESA, 65025, UKRAINE
Company ID: 13915860
Responsible person: Vutto Serhii
E-mail: moonfox8181@gmail.com